Finding a job

Finding a job in Brussels might be difficult if you do not speak a minimum of  French or Dutch, which are the two official languages of the Brussels-Capital Region. Many expats are looking for a job in Brussels which is why you have to be very proactive and patient! Do not wait for the ideal job offer…select potential employers and send spontaneous CV’s, a very common procedure in Belgium. Keep in mind that your CV should not exceed two pages and must be easy to read for the employer!

It can also be interesting to have a look at the labour market close to Brussels namely in the Flemish Brabant (Zaventem, Leuven, Vilvoorde…) and the Walloon Brabant (Waterloo, Rixensart, Wavre…).

In Brussels, assistance for jobseekers is provided by ACTIRIS, the employment agency of the Brussels-Capital Region. While jobtraining for French speakers is run by “Bruxelles Formation”   and training for Dutch speakers by the VDAB which is the counterpart office in Flanders.

The FOREM is the Walloon training and employment office.

The ADG : meanwhile, caters to the German-speaking part of the country.


Jobs advertisement can be found on various websites such as:

Recruitment agencies

Do not hesitate to contact several recruitment agencies who will help you to match your skills to a job that suits you.                                                                                

Usefull links

  • More info on the website of the Brussels-Capital Region