Our activities and services

Your single point of contact: networks and political dialogue

The Brussels Commissioner for Europe and International Organisations has an impressive address book of contacts across the Brussels administrations and the European and international organisations. We have built relationships of trust between all sides, and we can now work with all actors to follow up on the issues and projects relevant to the host region policy. These networks also ensure that we can rapidly activate the right individuals and partners whenever new questions arise.

HOW WE CAN HELP: For both Brussels authorities and the European and international organisations, we are your SPOC for the host region policy. Get in touch whenever you are facing an issue related to the physical or human presence of these organisations in Brussels. We will take time to understand your question, explain the relevant rules and actors, and put you in contact with the right people.

Once a year we arrange a more formal moment of political dialogue: our annual summit for the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and the highest representatives of the EU institutions. We discuss the ongoing projects and requests of the European institutions, as well as major redevelopment works planned by the Brussels-Capital Region. The summit has become a moment of friendly debate, building connections and strengthening the institutions' roots in Brussels.

Coordinating the Belgian actors for an efficient host region policy

Belgium is a highly decentralised country, with political competences distributed across various levels. Welcoming the European institutions and international organisations touches on issues related to all levels of governance.

HOW WE CAN HELP: This division of responsibilities is not always clear or convenient for the European and international organisations. You can contact us with any issues or questions. We will answer and support you within our own competences, and help you interact with actors at federal or municipal level as required.

It is also important that the actions and information of the various Belgian actors are consistent. We speak regularly with partners at federal and municipal levels, coordinating our respective responsibilities. This ensures that European and international organisations get a coherent response to their questions. We have also established the cooperation platform ‘Europe in Brussels’ to reinforce our connection with the federal government.

Support and accreditation for regional representations

We play a specific role in supporting the more than 300 regional representations in Brussels, which do important work without any specific diplomatic status.

HOW WE CAN HELP: We can help you establish an office here and offer a formal certificate of recognition from the regional government. Read more here.

Raising awareness and sharing expertise

As a centre of expertise and knowledge hub, we can help you understand the host region policy, the Brussels and Belgian administrations, and the European and international governance sector. We can explain if you are struggling to understand who does what. We also publish reports and share information about specific developments with all the stakeholders concerned through our website, targeted mailings or info sessions.

HOW WE CAN HELP: Get in touch if you need information or explanations about the actors and institutions of the European and international governance sector, about the public administrations and policies of Belgium, or about what this all means for Brussels and its residents.

Action on urban planning and development

The Brussels Commissioner for Europe and International Organisations is a key actor in many dossiers related to urban planning issues in the Brussels-Capital Region, particularly those concerning the development of the European Quarter. Read more here.

HOW WE CAN HELP: If you want to undertake a building project, we will explain how the planning system works and support you in applying for the relevant permits. You can also contact us with any questions about the major urban development strategies and projects in the Region.

Workgroups and taskforces

The host region policy raises issues which require the input and expertise of various actors, and which might need a long-term plan to implement solutions. In such cases, the Institutional Liaison Unit often launches workgroups or taskforces gathering the relevant actors at various levels and across relevant policy areas. We work in a complex institutional environment, so partnership and collaboration are at the heart of our method.

Building a positive image for the Brussels-Capital Region

The status of Brussels as capital of Europe strengthens its attractiveness as both a tourist destination and a hub for meetings and conferences. We support projects and actions which attempt to ensure that the Brussels-Capital Region and especially the European Quarter have the positive image required to make the most of this potential.