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European and international organisations: reach out to us whenever you need to speak with the regional or local administrations on issues related to your presence here in Brussels. It could be about planning permits, security, mobility, residency questions for your staff, or any other administrative issue. We will explain how things work, guide you to the right interlocutor, and shepherd the process to a good conclusion.

Regional and local administrations of the Brussels-Capital Region: keep us informed whenever you are in contact with a European institution or international organisation. We can explain their unique status and concerns, and help build good working relationships. It is vital that we have an overview of all interactions between the Brussels authorities and the international organisations, so we can fulfil our mandate as pilots of the host region policy.

Here are a few concrete examples of the many ways we can be useful for you and your organisation:

  • When a European or international organisation needs to get in touch with local, regional or federal authorities, we are your first point of contact.
  • When the regional authorities are making plans for the European Quarter, we introduce and gather the relevant actors. We then schedule or facilitate meetings, and even chair them when necessary.
  • If you want to establish a new international or European organisation in Brussels, we can support you – and we contribute when Brussels bids to host an institution.
  • When you are dealing with urgent political or urban issues which affect the presence and work of the international sector in Brussels, we can connect you to the solution.
  • When we see challenges that affect organisations or individuals in the international sector, we proactively try to solve them by liaising with Belgian authorities. That means your work can carry on uninterrupted.
  • When you need an expert on Brussels, we are proficient in many areas of regional policy. That includes urban planning and development, environment, mobility, security, tourism and the international image of Brussels. We provide the contacts and explain the policy frameworks so you know where you stand.
  • We host an annual political summit gathering the government of the Brussels-Capital Region and the highest representatives of the EU institutions.

Jean-Pierre BOUBLAL

Adviser Urban Development


T +32 (0)2 430 66 12