Brussels made easy

The Expat Welcome Desk has been getting newcomers settled smoothly in Brussels and the Region for more than 30 years. We’ve become trilingual experts who can guide International Brusselers and answer the most pressing questions, from “What are the tricky points in my lease contract? to “Help! I have to pay taxes!” to “How can I find a dentist in my neighbourhood?” No question or concern is too large or too small.

International Brusselers who’ve been in the city for a long period have different administrative needs as time passes. Perhaps, for example, you have a question about child benefits or retiring in our fair city.

Some of our experts are International Brusselers themselves, and others are born and bred here in the city. Our team is the ideal mix of locals and those who have lived the newcomer experience. We’re as expert as we are friendly.

Whenever you’re struggling to find your way, we’re here to make Brussels easy!

We make it easy to connect — you can email or call, meet us face to face or over video.

Check out our events and webinars — you’ll get useful information and maybe even meet a few fellow International Brusselers.

Our team can answer any question you have in English, French or Dutch, and we’re well-connected with public authorities at the local, regional and federal level.

You can contact us with questions about any administrative issue you’re facing. Here are the topics we hear about most frequently:.

We’ll ensure you understand the contract you’re signing.

Family reunification. We can explain the ways you might be able to bring your loved ones to Brussels.

Social security affiliation. Belgium has excellent healthcare and social protections. We’ll inform you about how to access the system, and explain any issues you encounter.

Education and childcare. We’ll answer your questions about finding a school or childcare for your little Brusselers.

Mobility. We’ll be your guide to getting around, with information about public transport, alternative mobility, or importing your vehicle.