PUBLISHED ON 08/03/2023

WEBINAR | MONDAY 27 MARCH 2023, 12:00 - 13:30

In this webinar we will explore the rules and frameworks for UK citizens based in Belgium who want to move around the EU. UK citizens residing in Belgium are now subject to the same rules as other non-EU citizens when it comes to traveling, working, studying or retiring in another EU country. This is the case for both post-Brexit arrivals living in Belgium with a Single Permit and pre-Brexit residents who have their rights in Belgium protected by their M-Card. Join us for the lowdown on intra-EU mobility for the British of Brussels!

Issues addressed
  • Time limits on travel outside Belgium and recommended documents for travelling
  • Practical differences between Schengen and non-Schengen countries
  • Things to consider if an employer sends a UK citizen on assignment to another EU country
  • Conditions and requirements for obtaining residence as an employee or student in another EU country
  • Possibilities and conditions for retiring in another EU country
  • Clarifications on the upcoming Entry-Exit System and ETIAS (Electronic Travel and Information Authorisation System)

These aspects will be tackled in a webinar aiming to provide theoretical information but also concrete case studies to allow participants to gain a more practical perspective. After a brief presentation, we will open a Q+A and address questions from participants. Note that this webinar will offer an overview on various topics relevant to UK citizens living in Belgium before Brexit, some of which will be explored in more detail through later webinars or our newsletter for UK citizens.

  • Chair: Amélie Bovy, Legal Adviser Welcome Desk,
  • Jo Antoons, Managing Partner, Fragomen Brussels
  • Andreia Ghimis, Immigration Manager, Fragomen Brussels
  • Ines Ramlau, Immigration Consultant, Fragomen Brussels


Download the slides from this session (pdf)


Alongside these webinars, is also launching a monthly newsletter for 2023. This new mailing will explore in detail some of the most complex aspects of post-Brexit life for UK citizens living in Belgium or planning to move here. Each edition will focus on a specific case study, starting from one tricky question and then exploring the detail that UK citizens should be aware of.


In this series of free webinars for UK citizens living in Brussels or thinking of moving here, we give you the chance to speak with legal experts about some of the more complicated aspects of life after Brexit. Each session starts with a presentation of the legal and practical aspects of the issue at stake, before we move on to an open Q+A. These webinars are part of a project funded by the EU’s Brexit Adjustment Reserve, in which we are also publishing our newsletter the Brexit Brief and developing an online Brexit HelpdeskTo receive event invitations and the monthly newsletter straight to your inbox, sign up today!


These pages, webinars and newsletters have been developed in a project funded by the EU’s Brexit Adjustment Reserve.

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