Why and how to vote in the municipal elections?

12.00 - 13.30

October 2024 brings another chance for International Brusselers to elect their representatives. This time we are choosing councilors at the level of the municipality (commune/gemeente), and most non-Belgians have the right to cast a vote. Local government in Belgium is small but mighty, and the politicians running your municipality have a big impact on your daily life. All EU citizens resident in Belgium have the right to vote in the municipal elections, as do non-EU citizens who have been here at least 5 years. In the famously cosmopolitan Brussels-Capital Region, these international voters could have a huge impact – so long as they sign up and vote!

The Expat Welcome Desk is pleased to invite you to a webinar (in English) at 12.00 on Tuesday 28 May, focusing on the following topic: "Why and how to vote in the municipal elections?"


This webinar is free to access, but you need to register before Friday 24 May via the following email address:

Issues addressed

  • The place of International Brusselers in local democracy
  • Reasons you should vote
  • How to sign up
  • How to use your proxy vote if you cannot attend in person
  • Your questions


  • Moderator: Amélie BOVY, Senior legal advisor, Expat Welcome Desk
  • Thomas Huddleston, International expert on citizenship and diversity, Collaborator with the University of Liege
  • Bryn Watkins, Project and Communications Manager,

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