Brussels - A visionary capital for Europe?

19.00 - 21.00

We are pleased to invite you to this event, which we are organising in cooperation with Brussels Academy.

Brussels - A visionary capital for Europe?

  • Wednesday 22 May 2024, 19.00 - 21.00
  • House of European History, 135 Rue Belliard, Brussels

A vibrant metropolis on a human scale and a provincial capital at the nexus of global governance, Brussels is the contradictory capital of Europe. This unique status, albeit unofficial, has a huge impact on the city itself. But it also gives Brussels a special place in the stories which Europe and the EU tell about themselves. What does this all mean? Can we dream or imagine a different narrative for Brussels and Europe?

This evening of debate aims to explore these issues in an informal but intellectually rigorous setting. We'll be experimenting with a dynamic format where a series of experts pitch their ideas, before we open the floor to you. We’ll be hearing from policymakers, academics, journalists and activists. The audience will also get to vote on some key aspects of the debate.

We’ll follow up with a drink at Grand Central.

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