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Urban Development

Brussels is a small but relatively densely populated city-region. Due to its international diplomatic role, it has one of the highest concentrations of office space per inhabitant in the world. One of the objectives of the Office of the Brussels Commissioner for Europe and International Organisations (CEIO) is to support the development of international organisations in Brussels and ensure their harmonious integration into the urban fabric of the region
This is why CEIO is the central contact point for all urban development projects involving or having an impact on international organisations. It ensures that the needs of international organisations are taken into account in Brussels urban development and mobility projects and that the priorities and needs of the Brussels Region are respected in the development projects of international organisations.

CEIO also provides international organisations with administrative guidance on all aspects of Brussels city planning including assistance with procedures. We provide support in finding the right administrative contacts, follow-up of urban planning permits and requests and complaints to the relevant administrations.

CEIO is more particularly involved in the transformation of the European Quarter into a vibrant and attractive part of the region. The area is characterised by the highest concentration of international organisations in Brussels and has special needs in terms of image, visibility and security. Through technical working groups with Brussels administrations and international organisations, we are working to improve mobility and public space in the area. With Brussels cultural organisations and we aim to improve the overall image of the district and its institutions in Brussels and beyond.
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