International Brusselers, take this chance to raise your #BrusselsVoice!

The Live here. Speak, hear. project gives International Brusselers the chance to help develop regional policies on the issues that affect their everyday lives. With hundreds of ideas and thousands of votes, it's really picking up speed! The voting phase is open until 14 November. Make sure to go check out the ideas on the digital platform and support your favourites.

Thanks to your engagement, we are now also ready to announce the final stage of this project: the workshops!


We will organise an interactive face-to-face workshop for each topic discussed on the platform.


  • 16 November, 6:30pm-9:00pm: What is the most urgent issue for International Brusselers?
  • 23 November, 6:30pm-9:00pm: How would you improve the European Quarter?
  • 30 November, 6:30pm-9:00pm: How would you give international Brusselers a voice? How would you welcome International Brusselers?
Note that attendance is completely free. Drinks and food will be provided at all workshops.


These workshops will take place in person and will be hosted by at Avenue d'Auderghem 63 Oudergemlaan 1040 Brussels.

COVID safety measures
  • Since this is a face-to-face event, you will need to present your COVID Safe Ticket.
  • Other COVID-proof measures will be taken during these events: social distancing and free disinfectant.
  • If you have any COVID symptoms, please stay at home.

How to register?

If you are interested to take part in some of these workshops, please fill in this form.

What is the goal of the workshop phase and what is expected from you?

Our participatory workshops will gather everyone who wants to push their participation in the project to the next level. The objective of these workshops is to turn the amazing ideas you have shared and voted on into concrete policy proposals. These proposals will be assembled in a Manifesto of the International Brusseler which will be presented and debated at the Brussels Parliament.
Our methodology for these workshops will take advantage of your collective intelligence, your experience of life as an International Brusseler and your passion for Brussels. You do not need to be a policy expert. Our moderators will guide you through the process and all we need is your ideas and your enthusiasm to ensure we reach a great outcome. No specific preparation is needed, just come as you are!

Upcoming events

A final series of working sessions will be organised during the weekend of the 4-5 December. During these sessions, policy experts will challenge the outcomes of our first series of workshops in November. The goal of this will be to obtain robust and coherent policy proposals to formalise in your Manifesto of the International Brusseler. More details about this second round of workshops will be available very soon. Make sure to sign up on the project platform to be informed.
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