Social Security


The system of annual paid holidays will depend on whether you are an employee, independent worker or a civil servant. Apart from the annual leave the Belgian system also allows for maternity leave, paternity leave and other types of ‘social’ holidays.
  • Employees under the Belgian security system are entitled to a number of paid holidays a year as well as a so-called “pécule de vacances”/”Vakantiegeld” or holiday allowance on top of that. The amounts you receive are calculated on the basis of your activity in the preceding year – the so-called legal holidays - and on top of that you may build up supplementary paid days or amounts depending on your individual relation with your employer.
  • Independent workers under the Belgian security system have no paid holidays, no holiday allowance and of course no right to a holiday since they have no employee-employer relation. They do have access to maternity leave allowances though.
  • Civil servants also all have a number of guaranteed paid days and holiday allowances but the number and amounts differ depending on their administrative level and/or administration they belong to.
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