Social Security

Family allowances

If you are part of the Belgian social security system (working as an employee or as a self-employed) you should be entitled to receive monthly family allowance payments (“allocations familiales”-“kinderbijslag”) for each child in your household.

Standard amounts

So far the standard amounts per child are as follows:
  • For the first child: 90,28€
  • For the second child: 167,05€
  • For the third and subsequent children: 249,41€
This means that if you have three children, you receive 506,74€.

For specific situations (single-parent families, parents who are long-term unemployed) other amounts may apply.
Complete a form (available from your health insurance organisation) to request the child benefits, which is available from the child benefit fund with which your employer is affiliated, or, if you are self-employed, to your social insurance fund. Do not forget to enclose the document received from the local authority when you registered your child (specific birth certificate for applying for family allowances).
In the event that both parents work for a European institution, it will become their institution's responsibility. When their child is born, they will automatically receive child benefits. In the event that one parent works in the Belgian system (as employee or self-employed) and the other works for a European institution, you will not receive any EU allowance. However, the child can receive supplementary cover from the institution, after deduction of the amount already received under Belgian law.