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Sorting waste is mandatory in the whole of the Brussels-Capital Region.  Paper, plastic, glass, batteries, chemicals and bulky household are separated from “rest waste”.  Bags are opened and checked by Bruxelles-Propreté whose rubbish lorries drive through the streets of the capital to collect rubbish from residences. This agency, together with the municipalities, is also responsible for "public  cleanliness" in the Brussels-Capital Region.

There is three different color rubbish bags (they can be purchased in any supermarket):
  • Unsorted waste is to be placed in white bags. This waste is incinerated and converted into steam (energy). White bags are collected twice a week. Their weight may not exceed 15 kg and bags are available in 30, 60 and 80 litre sizes.
  • Paper and cardboard are to be placed in yellow bags (dry, clean and folded). They can include newspapers, magazines, advertisements, brochures, etc. Should you have large cardboard boxes, it is recommended to fold them and place them in the street next to the yellow bags, which are collected once a week. The contents are recycled.
  • Blue bags are used for empty plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging and drinking cartons. A few practical examples: tinned goods, cans, aluminium bowls, metal lids, milk cartons, etc. blue bags are collected once a week. The contents are recycled.
Collect days differ from one municipality to another and sometimes from street to street within the same municipality. Two days are reserved for the collecting of white bags, and one day for coloured bags. To know the collect days in your street, click here and enter the name of your street, the number and the postal code of your house.

Warning! Waste glass cannot be placed in either of these bags. You have to put your empty bottles in the white and coloured glass containers. To find a glass container near your place, click here and enter the name of your street, the number and the postal code of your house.

Bulky household refuse (old furniture, household appliances, etc.) can be taken to the container park. In addition, the municipalities organise collection days for bulky household refuse in your neighbourhood. Keep an eye on your letterbox to know the right date. You can also contact Bruxelles- Propreté and book an appointment. They will come to collect the refuse from your home (2 m² free of charge, every 6 months).

Warning! Putting out rubbish bags outside of allowed hours, illegal dumping, not picking up dog waste, etc., can all lead to serious fines running up to 250 euros.

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