The Commissioners’ Office offers support for all issues relating to the presence of the European and international organisations in Brussels within the framework of the competences of the Brussels-Capital Region and in compliance with the Belgian Host Nation Policy.

Acting as a go-between both at the political and administrative level, the Commissioner’s Office aim is to welcome all international organisations and ensure their deployment in harmony with the development of the Brussel-Capital Region and the needs of its habitants.

Our goal is to offer a good working environment to all international organisations and a good living environment for their staff. We foster positive relations and create opportunities for collaboration between regional actors and the international community and are mostly active in areas such as urban development and mobility issues, security and providing administrative assistance to the international workforce.

We have developed an extensive network within all Brussels public administrations as well as within the EU institutions and international organisations.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Belgian and regional institutional and administrative system guarantees a fast and efficient service by a dedicated team, focused on a common goal: contribute to the attractiveness of Brussels as a worthy host region for international organisations.