The Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) recognises the growing importance of the presence of European and international institutions, particularly their influence on the regional economy, the creation of employment, professional and leisure tourism, the attractiveness of the Region, its international recognition and the cultural richness of its increasingly-diverse residents.

To find the right balance in a mixed living environment and guarantee the quality of life for its inhabitants, the BCR assists and works with this international presence through the Institutional Liaison desk of the Brussels Commissioner for Europe and International Organisations (CEIO). Particular attention is paid to the consequences of this presence on the dynamics of the territory, in terms of the environment, town planning, architectural heritage, mobility, tourism, as well as the development of public spaces (both their security and their conviviality).

In these areas, the CEIO is the single point of contact for all organisations that have set up in Brussels. This includes the European institutions, which have thousands of employees and dozens of buildings concentrated on a few sites in Brussels, international organisations, embassies and diplomatic missions, and regional and local representations spread across the whole Region.

The objective is to break with the past – when the establishment of international organisations’ headquarters followed top-down, real-estate driven planning approaches, causing traumatism not yet disappeared in certain neighbourhoods – and move to a strategy which takes account of the needs of the different parties involved, including local residents, employees, commuters, cultural operators, tourists, shops, and new businesses developing in the area.
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