With Cambio, you can rent a car per hour, for a full day or for longer periods. This is the ideal solution for anyone who only needs a car every once in a while. Cambio has stations in all Brussels municipalities but also outside of Brussels.

Another car sharing service is Zen Car. This company has only electric cars and is for the time being only active in the Brussels-Capital Region.

With the Carpoolplaza you can share your daily commute with others. Are you a driver? Search the Carpool database for one or more passengers to share your journey to work and your travel expenses. Are you a passenger? Consult the database to find a driver!

Another interesting Taxistop service is Schoolpool. You can agree with other parents to take turns driving the children to school.

VAP offers a carpooling system in the shape of organised hitchhiking between neighbours for short distances in and around the municipality, or to go to a train or underground station or bus stop. The Brussels-Capital Region has VAP branches in Watermael-Boitsfort, Auderghem and near the ULB (Ixelles).

Need more information about mobility in Brussels?
Brussels Mobility site offers information on mobility, travel and the management of public spaces in the Brussels-Capital Region.