Q&A on the municipal elections in Brussels

Q&A on the municipal elections in Brussels

The municipal elections will take place on 14 October 2018. In Brussels the number of non-Belgians who have registered to vote has augmented with 24% compared to the last municipal elections of 2012! The number has reached 49,406 –enough voters to elect 54 city councilors and 11 aldermen across the 19 communes. Plus, each city council will need on average 36 more votes to get elected, so October’s elections will be more competitive and inclusive for everyone.

Many expats will be voting for the first time and still have a lot of questions such as “How does the electoral system work in Belgium?” “Who are we electing exactly?” “Which powers do they have?” “Is it possible to vote in English?” “Where can we find information to help us choose who to vote for?” ...

This is why, within the series of lunch lectures on the municipal elections organised by Brussels Academy in Molenbeek, we will dedicate this specific session to the international community in Brussels: a Q&A with Prof. Eric Corijn (Brussels Academy / Brussels for Europe), Thomas Huddleston (VoteBrussels) and Karin Impens (Office of the Brussels Commissioner) that will take place in English, in the European Quarter.

Open to everyone
Don’t hesitate to bring your sandwich or snack

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Date: Friday 28/9/2018
Time: We will start at 12:15 and end around 13:45
Place: Office of the Brussels Commissioner for Europe. 
Avenue d’Auderghem 63, 1040 Brussels
Price: Free contribution
Info: www.brusselsacademy.be 
02 629 37 41

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Organised by Brussels Academy / Brussels for Europe in collaboration with the Brussels
Commissioner for Europe, Equama and VoteBrussels